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In the year 2003 he made his covenant of baptism in the name of Jesus Christ. He immediately became involved in serving God's

work, had in him a deep passion for souls, for carrying the gospel. In her small kitchen they start with prayers, after a few months

Pastor Eduardo Merino oversaw the work at Mount Kisco, NY.  A year later, Pastor Domingo Carlos officially receives the work of

Mount Kisco. On Sunday October 3, 2010 Pastor José Castillo, along with his wife Damaris Castillo receive the Apostolic Church

Mount Sion in the city of Mount Kisco, as their first church to graze, at that time had about 105 people baptized. For the glory and

honor of God they worked with all their hearts and giving their best to continue to minister the beautiful work of God; To date Mount

Sion has 223 people baptized, who are engaged and work in the work of Christ. God has blessed Pastor Castillo with a vision of

growth for the church and a heart to reach the people of Westchester County and its environs. His desire is to bring people to know

and to experience God as never before. With the prayers and support of his church, Pastor Castillo pursues his mission. Pastor

Jose Castillo and his wife Damaris, his partner in life and ministry, have three sons Joseph, Ivana, Isabella and resides in Mount 

Kisco, NY.



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